Coaching Professionals

The heart of any club is it’s skaters. Those skaters are helped in their efforts to reach their potential by their coaching professionals.  Our affiliated professionals cover the full range of skating disciplines and skill levels.  They teach group lessons, and can also be contacted for private lessons.  This great group of professionals helps our skaters improve their skills, and helps give the skaters a love for the sport of figure skating that will last a lifetime.

All of our coaches are USFSA / Learn to Skate certified instructors.

Affiliated Professionals for the 2017-18 Season


 stephanie 2014 Stephanie Bevins – Stephanie Bevins has been coaching figure skating for 11 years, 9 with the Skating Club of New Hartford. She grew up in Cedar Lake and began skating with the Skating Club of New Hartford when she was 10 years old. Stephanie completed her Senior freeskate and moves in the field during her competitive skating years. Stephanie coaches basic skills and all freeskate and moves in the field levels. She is currently accepting private students. Contact her at 315-525-3469 or
sandy 2014 Sandy Goddard – Sandy DeSarro has been coaching with the Skating Club of New Hartford since 2008 as a basic skills coach. As well as coaching, Sandy also drives school bus for NHCS and owns and operates The Children’s Haircutting Company in NY Mills.  You can contact Sandy at 315-525-4065.
Kim LaFave – Kim has been a professional instructor in the Mohawk Valley for 26 years.  She has coached with the Skating Club of New Hartford and the Clinton FSC.  She is a member of the Professional Skaters Association (PSA) and has attained the following ratings:  Master Freestyle, Master Group, Master Moves in the Field and Certified Team (synchro) along with the Masters Sports Medicine written exam.  She also has a Level 4 ranking with the PSA.  She is a USFSA Gold Medalist in Freestyle and Dance.  She attends PSA conferences and seminars to keep current with rules of the sport and is also a ratings examiner for the PSA.  She has a Bachelor’s in Business degree from SUNYIT.  She has trained and coached in other areas in including Seattle, WA, St Paul, MN and Peoria, IL.  She has four children and two grandchildren.  You can text or call 315-725-8126 for more information on private lessons.
 Missy_small Missy Misiak You can contact Missy at 315-853-1646, or
 samantha 2014 Samantha North – Samantha North was a figure skater for 8 years. She spent 3 years at the Clinton Figure Skating Club before she became a member in New Hartford. She skated with the Skating Club of New Hartford for 5 years competitively. While doing this, she helped our coaches with the basic skills program. She just recently graduated from SUNY Oneonta with a degree in education and is back for her second year as a coach.  You can contact Samantha at
 mike 2014 Michael North – Mike North previously figure skated with the Clinton Figure Skating Club for 15 years as a child with his family. He spent 7 of those years as a pair skater. Mike was introduced to the Skating Club of New Hartford through his daughters and has been a coach with us for 10 years.  You can contact Michael at 315-734-1567.
 lindsay 2014 Lindsay Varnum – Lindsay Varnum has been a Figure Skating Coach with New Hartford for the past 8 years. She grew up in Syracuse, NY being a competitive figure skater since the age of 3. She has her US and Canadian Ice Dance Medal along with 4 international dances. Lindsay has enjoyed skating for many years and now enjoys coaching. She loves working with her students and helping them achieve their goals as she has.You can contact Lindsay at 315-569-8618.



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